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Eczema Serum


Product Description

If you’re made your way to my eczema serum, you’re likely very familiar with the frustrating and disrupting symptoms of eczema!

Symptoms such as:

: itchy dry, even crusty skin

: flakey skin

: red, rash like skin

: and in severe cases, cracked, or oozing skin!

And although you may be very familiar with these symptoms, it doesn’t mean you need to invite them to stick around any longer!

My eczema serum uses natural ingredients to sooth, heal, and address the symptoms of eczema! Each ingredient has been hand picked for their anti-inflammatory, hydrating and nourishing properties. Properties perfected by Mother Nature that will bring relief to your stressed skin!


Should you go with the serum or the ointment?

: If your eczema is sever, both! Use the serum first, then apply the ointment.

: The major difference between the serum and the ointment is that the serum will absorb into your skin and you can go about your day! The ointment needs time to pamper and heal your skin by sitting on top of it and slowing absorbing. The ointment wont absorb fully.  Think of it like a facial clay mask! You put it on while you watch some tv or while you escape into a good book. 

: Additionally, using my patchouli facial moisturizer on any eczema affected areas will boost the healing powder of the serum and ointment! Apply the patchouli facial moisturizer after the serum has absorbed or after you’ve wiped off the ointment.


How to use this serum…..

: Apply this serum after washing the affected, and before applying any moisturizers.

: Apply the serum as often as needed.

: If you’re also using the eczema ointment, apply this serum first.


You’ll clear up your eczema even faster if you ….

: Avoid any soaps, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, bubble baths, or any other skin care products with SLS or SLES (pst, all my products are free of these harsh chemicals!).

: Avoid any skin care products (such as moisturizers, lotions, creams, etc) that contain petroleum! Petroleum doesn’t let your skin breathe and is like wrapping plastic wrap around your skin – nothing good can get in, and nothing bad can come out! The longer you use products with petroleum the drier your skin will get! Which makes it more susceptible to inflammation and irritation.  So before you trust that a moisturizer is actually going to “moisturize” over the long haul, check the ingredients list for petroleum! (pst, all my products are free of petroleum but over 80% of all commercial creams and lotions use petroleum as their base! Yikes!).

: A few more nasties to avoid: mineral oil, benzalkonium chloride, parabens (any ingredients ending in “paraben” such as methylparaben), phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazolinone, and fragrances that aren’t phthalate free or from natural sources.

: Make an effort to hydrate & eat clean, green foods — the kind that grow in the earth. ;)

: Get a ridiculous amount of sleep. Your skin moves into accelerated repair-mode, while you snooze. (Beauty rest is a real thing!)

: Try to relax, play & smile. Go ahead: delete those emails. Take a walk. Call a girlfriend, coach or counselor, and get loved up with support. Chronic stress creates a surge of hormones that make it harder for your organs to function properly. (And your skin IS your largest organ — so relaaaaaax.)


Size: 1oz / 30g


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Product Reviews

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  1. A healing serum in my beauty cabinet!

    Posted by Adelle on 1st Jun 2014

    I don't have diagnosed eczema, but I used this on my cracked, swollen, red, (and sometimes bleeding!) eyelids. It happens only when I use eye drops during allergy season, but the result is an awful and painful mess.

    This time, I had Batty's Eczema Serum and Eczema Ointment to rescue my poor eyes. For four days, I used the serum and primer moisturizer around my eyes, and for four nights I was extra generous with the serum and topped it with the ointment.

    What used to take more than two weeks of prescription steroid cream took four days. My eyes have completely healed and I'm so happy , I can hardly believe something worked so fast. Not to mention that the serum and ointment were a soothing oasis at a time when everything else felt like it was burning my skin.

    Thank you so much, Batty!

  2. My hands have never felt so good!

    Posted by Melanie on 4th Jun 2013

    I have never used a serum before but I've suffered with eczema for so long I figured it could't hurt to give one a try. I've already been using Batty's patchouli moisturizer for my eczema (with great results!), but thought adding a serum to the mix might help even more! I was right! Now in the evenings when I'm watching some tv, I lather on the serum, let it sink in, then put the patchouli moisturizer on. I was doing this every night at first but quickly found out that doing this simple routine every few days has been enough! Before I would put the patchouli moisturizer on in the morning and in the evening. Now I'm thinking I might even be able to do this once a week (the serum and cream together) but haven't been brave enough to try yet. My hands have never felt so good and I want to keep them that way so I'll keep using the serum and moisturizer together! Besides, it ends up being my little "me time" at the end of the day :)


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