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Mild Jojoba Facial Scrub



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In a nutshell:

  • recommended for all skin types
  • 100% natural and the most gentle of scrubs
  • cleanses while it exfoliates
  • gentle jojoba beads slough off pore-clogging dead skin cells
  • made with natural whipped soap
  • mild cleanser that doesn’t strip skin of its natural oils
  • brightens dull or congested skin
  • reduces the potential for clogged pores
  • safe for even the most sensitive of skin


What makes the Mild Jojoba Facial Scrub so awesome?

The handmade, 100% natural, whipped soap is made for even those with the most persnickety of skin types. This super mild scrub is safe enough for daily use, and its gentle jojoba beads will whisk away impurities without stripping your skins natural oils, leaving behind a cleaner, brighter and less congested version of the already awesome you!

If you suffer from cystic acne, eczema or just have super sensitive skin, this is the scrub that Batty designed with you in mind. No matter your skin type, exfoliating is a crucial step in skin care. The jojoba wax beads are a primo way to rid your skin of the grim brought to surface after using a mask, or to prep you skin for serums and moisturizers by unclogging pores.


How to use the Mild Jojoba Facial Scrub

  1. Give that beautiful face of yours a splash of lukewarm water. The point is to open your pores, without drying it out by using overly hot water.

  2. Scoop out a nickel-sized amount of your Mild Jojoba Facial Scrub. A little goes a long way!

  3. Apply to your face using a small, gentle, circular motion with your fingers. Remember that this

    cleanser has all the working ingredients you need in it; there’s no need to use a heavy hand!

  4. Now that the cleanser has done its duty and brought all those impurities to the surface, rinse

    your face with luke-warm water.

VOILA! You’re done. You are now free to continue on with the rest of your skin routine.

We recommend using the scrub once a day, either as a part of your morning or evening skin care routine. Avoid scrubbing this product on and around your eyes; it’s gentle but still not quite gentle enough for the skin around those delicate peepers of yours.


Additional Info 

  • Size: 100 g / 3.5 oz
  • Packaged in a glass jar



  • Purified Water
  • Organic Saponified Olive Oil
  • Organic Saponified Caster Oil
  • Jojoba Esters
  • Natural Pomegranate Flavour Oil
  • Saponified Stearic Acid
  • Glycerin 



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Product Reviews

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  1. Great scrub!

    Posted by Carol on 20th May 2016

    I am in love with every single product from Batty's Bath. A little bit of this goes a long way and it's the perfect cleaner after a long day. I was hesitant to use it everyday because I was told that scrubbing the face everyday makes pores larger but it has not been the case. I am also using the B.O.P. products and my skin feels and looks much healthier. I am extremely happy with all products.

  2. Works Like a Charm

    Posted by Meg on 28th Mar 2016

    I love using this facial scrub! You only need a small amount of product and then you get this incredible lather all over your face. The beads are not too harsh for my super sensitive skin but they do a great job at exfoliating my face! The facial scrub leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed. I'm very happy with this product!

  3. very gentle

    Posted by sarah on 29th Feb 2016

    love this scrub gentle, and gets the job done.

  4. Great scrub

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Mar 2015

    This scrub has a nice, clean scent and feels very smooth when using to wash your face. I primarily use it as a makeup remover because IT'S SPECTACULAR AT EMULSIFYING MAKEUP SERIOUSLY GUYS. It's gentle as long as you are gentle with it. I have very sensitive skin and acne and redness. I found that if I scrubbed normally, my face got red and irritated, but if I scrub super super gently but for a longer period of time my skin is fine. I found it drying if used too often (though I find that all soaps/cleansers are drying if used too often--I wash my face primarily with water and use her moisturizers). Basically, great makeup remover, but didn't help with my acne (all the products I use on my face are from this brand BTW).

  5. Great for Sensitive Skin

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2015

    I absolutely love this scrub! My skin is so sensitive that I've never been able to use anything abrasive with out causing damage. So when I orded the detox kit I was slightly hesitant to try the scrub....but I did, and I've been using it everyday for months now . I love using it after a long day, it's a deep clean without causing damage. The smell is amazing and a jar last a long time.
    The one and only scrub I will use on my face.

  6. The consistency of this is so soothing and fun!

    Posted by Lindsay on 14th Feb 2015

    I was really impressed by this little jar!! A really little bit goes a longer way so only use like a dime size at every washing. When you lather this it turns into almost like a shaving cream consistency! I've really liked that. I have found this product to be pretty moisturizing and it does a good good at diffusing some of those areas where you get flaking skin.

  7. One of my favorites!

    Posted by Larissa H. on 25th Sep 2014

    This is easily one of my favorite Battys Bath products. It has such a silky smooth feel during washing and my skin feels the same after. Cleans well and smells good.

  8. A great smelling facial cleanser for the whole family

    Posted by J on 1st May 2014

    Thank you Batty - having such a great smelling and buttery smooth cleanser helps ALL of the family cleanse their face! We love your products.

  9. Gets rid of the stubborn sebum on my T Zone.

    Posted by Carole Simcox on 19th Apr 2014

    I rarely can find a cleanser that will work with my nose (T Zone) that doesn't cause my Eczema to flare up. Not with this product. It is fantastic and I love the smell and colour too. I highly recommend this to everyone for exfoliating!

  10. Washing my face is a pleasure!

    Posted by Effie V on 13th Mar 2014

    I absolutely love love love this soap. My face feels squeeky clean after I've washed it and my skin looks amazing. You only need a tiny bit of the product and it makes so much soap and takes ALL your make up off! I have used every cleanser out there and this is my favorite.

  11. i really love this stuff

    Posted by jen on 14th Feb 2014

    i just love how mild and smooth this is and it is an overall wonderful soap/exfoliant!

  12. Such a great scrub!

    Posted by sidravitale on 28th Apr 2013

    This is such a great scrub - moisturizing and scrubbing at the same time!

  13. Great Scrub

    Posted by Kiley on 25th Sep 2012

    I really love the facial scrub. As with Batty's other products, this is a great cleanser that doesn't strip my skin but only takes away from my skin what I don't need. The exfoliant beads are effective but not harsh -- this product is good for even sensitive skin. I notice an immediate brightness in my skin when I use it.

  14. Love this Scrub!

    Posted by Alexa on 14th Sep 2012

    This is the only facial scub I have ever used that does not let my skin feel violated after using it. I have no burning whatsoever. While it is VERY gentle to my sensitive parts of my face it deeply cleanses the T-Zone where my problems appear once a month. My breakouts have mostly hormonal causes so whenever I am near that monthly time I start using it in my daily evening cleaning routine and my skin is so much better. During those few days I also use the dry clay mask once or twice. I definitely would recommend it!



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